Valet Trash

Unique Valet Trash Service for HOAs and POAs

Valet Trash Removal

We have a valet trash removal program if you’re a property manager or HOA board. We come to your apartment building, condominiums, or HOA community to pick up trash on your residents’ doorstep.
Your customers don’t need to take their weekly trash to the communal chute; instead, they need to put the trash bags right outside their doors.

A valet trash removal service adds an amazing time-saving and convenience-focused amenity for residents and employees alike while having a pass-through effect of increasing property value.  Residents no longer have to take their trash to a central point for disposal, instead, they conveniently place their trash outside their door and our valet service takes care of the rest.  Residents get to spend this saved time on things that matter, like quality time with family.

Benefits to residents:

  • Convenient and appreciated

  • Convenient time saving, low -cost service

  • Easily added to monthly dues

  • No more carrying trash down stairs

  • Cleaner communities

Benefits to communities:

  • Easy implementation, low cost

  • Increase resident retention

  • Cleaner community means happier residents

  • Green compliant due to recycling practices

  • Weekly Pickups or more

Furthermore, a valet trash service will alleviate the added stress on a management company from dealing with trash-related chores, and by default will allow the management company to spend more time serving the residents and focusing on more important community management needs. Being a service that appeals to every facet of the community, the management company will find a far higher level of resident satisfaction and thus improved retention rates.

Contact Junk-It® Tampa today at 813.771.0147 to find out more about our Valet Trash, a premier door-to-door waste and recycling service for apartment communities, student housing, senior living communities, condominiums, and multi-family properties. Find out how we can better serve your community by offering this door-side trash and recycling collection, giving you higher resident satisfaction and freeing up time to tend to more pressing community management tasks.

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